Whole Body Wellness

“Your body is your subconscious mind, and you can’t heal it by talk alone”

Candace Pert




Contemporary Style with an emphasis on the physical alignment and function. Mat and Pilates apparatus are available. Private sessions available virtually as well as
in-person at Union Square and SOHO, NYC
by appointment


Intuitive Guidance

I combine my trainings with Art Therapy, Akashic Records, and my own intuitive practice to guide clients to a deeper sense of awareness and their own power. These sessions are not psychotherapy sessions or psychic readings. Sessions are meant to be used as coaching in that way they are helpful for seeing a situation with more clarity. my goal is always to assist a client in finding empowerment and coming to their own truth.

Virtual Sessions $150

Healing Hypnosis

Hypnosis opens the brain to information our consciousness can not always access. Sessions begin with an in depth verbal discussion followed by a regression and healing. The client can bring 5-10 questions they would like answers to and any physical issues they are looking to have healed. Answers and healings happen if the client is ready.

Often physical ailments are connected to emotional blocks and this technique will offer the information and connections needed to begin healing those blocks. There are times when illnesses and injury are chosen to be in this lifetime and that may also come through.

Regressions can be past life, this life or abstract imagery. Whatever comes though is what is needed and allows the brain to drop deeper into a place of healing and knowing.

Clients will receive a recording, a transcript and a meditation for daily practice.
These sessions can last between 3-4 hours.

session are $450


Breathwork is a pranayama practice using and active 3 part breath. It can activate the sympathetic nervous system bringing unreleased emotional and physical blocks to the surface. This is a healing practice but may be uncomfortable in the beginning. Reach out for more information to see if this is right for you. Virtual groups are held on Zoom. In person sessions are private and are 75 minutes.

Virtual Group Sessions $25 (suggested)

in-person or virtual private sessions $225


Will your workouts help me lose weight ?

Like all physical workouts, weight loss depends on your nutrition and lifestyle in addition to your physical workouts. My goal is that you feel stronger and gain confidence.

Is this classical or contemporary Pilates ?

I was trained in a contemporary manner, however I pull from many trainings and modalities. I follow the needs of the body not the choreography of any discipline.

Do I need equipment ?

I tend to use Pilates apparatus in my studio sessions, however virtual sessions and classes can be done with small props or no props. I adapt to the needs of clients and offer a variety of options in my virtual classes.

What is an intuitive session ?

Intuition is knowing without reason. I was born with a strong intuitive sense that I have developed over years of training and practice. These sessions begin with an intention or a specific issue needing clarity and we dialogue. I am guided by your energy and your Guides who direct me to what you need to hear or do.

Is this a psychic session ?

Intuition is a psychic sense, however I do not see into the future and give you a timeline of events that will happen for you. These are very interactive sessions, and I believe events can change. These sessions offer insight into the path you are on now and possibilities if you continue in the same manner. 

Is this therapy ?

I am an Art Therapist, but these sessions are not psychotherapy. These are coaching and guidance oriented sessions. You are responsible for the information that comes through and how it resonates for you. I advise that these sessions be in addition to psychotherapy not in place of.